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Fifty years since its inception, CESJDS marks the occasion with a year-long celebration as it looks back on its past and sets the course for the next 50 years of growth and development.

  • CESJDS Celebrates
  • its 50th Anniversary

US History

US History (Photo Courtesy of Jana Zills, Wikimedia Commons)

The Office of Personnel Management of the U.S. government was hacked, resulting in a massive data breach. The Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide. Microsoft launched Windows 10. And Taylor Swift reigned as the new queen of pop.

Our History

Our History
Fifty years ago, a group of dedicated and passionate individuals set out on a mission to engage students in an exemplary and inspiring general and Judaic studies curriculum. To many, the 50th Anniversary of CESJDS marks a dream come true.

Collective Memories

Miles of Mazels
Jacqueline Vinokur, Samantha Berman and Amanda Jach boogie down at a bat mitzvah. 65 students took the plunge and became Jewish adults this year.
Lions Without Borders
Joshua Paretsky (16) took full advantage of Spring Break by traveling to India with his family where he was exposed to a completely new culture and lifestyle.
Branching Out and Meet New Faces
For twelve minutes, twice a week, groups gather together to listen to announcements and discuss their work as part of the newly-improved Kehillah program.