Bringing with him a long and rich history with Jewish education, Rabbi Mitchel Malkus was appointed to carry the School into the future and pave the way for continued growth and achievement.

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  • Mitchel Malkus

US History

US History
President Barack Obama was inaugurated for a second term as President of the US on January 21. NASA revealed that Mars could have supported life in the past. In pop culture, MTV named Miley Cyrus Best Artist and Disney released Frozen.

Our History

Our History
Rabbi Malkus began serving as Head of School in August 2013. Some of his early accomplishments include finding both a high school and middle school principal, developing the school-wide Strategic Plan, and getting CESJDS accredited by AIMS.

Collective Memories

"I See You."
After a lot of hard work, the 5th graders presented their Jonah Projects. Each class hosted another class, and the students presented their projects to each other in Hebrew.
Giving Back
In honor of Thanksgiving, the Lower School hosted a food drive to benefit Martha's Table in Washington DC. Freddy, Lare and the turkey were quite appreciative.
Singing as a Whole
Ayal Subar (14) directs the Shir Madness acapella choir. Subar remarks, “When we come together and sing a song, a wonderful phenomenon occurs. We become one.”