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March 26, 2010 was a night filled with art, music, singing, photography, acting and dancing as Arts Chai-Lights showcased nearly a whole year of CESJDS art into one magical evening.

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US History

US History (Photo From Robert Scoble, Wikimedia)
A series of winter storms labeled "Snowmageddon" hit the east coast. President Obama formally declared an end to combat operations in Iraq. Apple released the iPad. And Time Magazine announced Mark Zuckerberg as the 2010 Person of the Year.

Our History

Our History
For one night, the entire CESJDS community came together to celebrate the visual and performing arts. Arts Chai-Lights has since expanded to include over 40+ student performances, making it a CESJDS stable and highlight of the school year.

Collective Memories

Playing Dreidel for Gelt
Ori Eliyahou, Ben Weinberger, and Micah Cowan play Dreidel for gelt. The middle school Chanukah party featured many exciting Chanukah-related activities.
New Beginnings
With the summer coming to an end, students return for the first day back at CESJDS where they were greeted with smiling faces, energizing music and the CESJDS lion.
Time for Celebration
Between singing the Hallel in minyan and beating the aravot on the basketball courts, Sukkot was a great time of the year to participate in many annual traditions.