As part of the school’s mission of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, classmates gathered on June 5th to participate in the first ever Students in Action Day, taking place all over the metropolitan DC area.

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US History

US History (Photo From Aido2002, Wikimedia Commons)
Apple debuted the iPhone while Amazon released the Kindle. Bob Barker aired his last episode of the Price is Right while JK Rowling published her final Harry Potter book. And tragedy stuck as 32 people were killed in the Virginia Tech massacre.

Our History

Our History

Director of Student Life Victoria Rothenberg created a day of service for the School. The program was a huge success and has since grown into Families in Action Day with 800+ people participating annually, serving 20+ different projects.

Collective Memories

En Garde!
In the midst of an attack, Zachary Roth (10) extends his sword to defeat his opponent. Although a fairly new club, fencing continued to attract more students every year.
Turning Essays into Art Projects
In celebration of National Spanish Week, sophomores Hannah Goldstein, Lauren Jacobs & Keryn Berstein color quadrants of paintings by famous Spanish artists.
Putting Things In Perspective
While on the Fall Operation Embrace trip, Kimberly Pomerantz (08) explores a building which was bombed by a rocket during the war between Israel & Lebanon.