After serving as the Head of School at Carmel Jewish Day School, accomplished teacher and educational leader Jonathan Cannon was selected to lead the School and its many constituents.

  • Jonathan Cannon
  • Appointed to
  • Headmaster

Our History

Our History
Just one year after the first class graduated from the new Upper School, the community welcomed Jonathan Cannon, who served the CESJDS community with 12 years of exemplary leadership. The lower school renovation also finished in 2001.

US History

US History (Photo From Robert on Flickr, Wikimedia)
September 11, 2001 goes down as a dark day in American history as a group of terrorists hijacked a set of commercial, jetliner planes and crashed them into the twin towers of New York City and the Pentagon headquarters in Washington, DC.

Collective Memories

Starting the Day With Prayer and Tradition
Leaders of the Sephardic minyan, Ben Sellouk, Miles Pell, and Ben Marguiles, stand around the center table in the cafeteria, bound in their daily garb of tallit and tefflin.
Let Me See Your Spirit
Judge Amalia Livne looks on as Sam Myerowitz-Vanderhoek and Dodie Goldstein start the Zimriyah celebration while Rachel Eisenstadt signals that it is time to cheer.
Wild Cheers and Appreciation
The acapella choir enthusiastically learn Ani Purim and Chag Purim for Purim. To the delight of the crowd, Director Ms. Karen Snow sang a show tune as well.