To get students to feel and connect with the history of their people, the School organizes a trip to Poland (as a prelude to the Israel trip), for seniors to visit sites of the Holocaust.

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  • 1st Senior Trip
  • To Poland

US History

US History (Photo From Luis Argerich, Wikimedia)
The North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came into effect creating a trade bloc between the United States, Canada and Mexico. OJ Simpson was arrested. Forrest Gump hit the big screen while ER and Friends debuted on the small screen.

Our History

Our History
CESJDS students went to visit Holocaust sites in Poland for the very first time. The week long excursion to the Israel trip allowed seniors to say kaddish as they saw shuls, cemeteries, death camps and the remaining Jewish citizenry of Warsaw.

Collective Memories

1994 Purim Carnival
Josh Paulson and Josh Keller encourage Joanne Silberg as she tries for a basket. The gym enabled students of all ages to have some fun outside of the classroom.
We've Got Ruach, How 'bout You?
Etan Chatlynne, Shira Brochstein, Alana Reed and Marshall Einhorn strike a pose. Although they were engaged in a battle at Color War, they remained friends in the end.
Curtain Call
Gratziella (Alizah Lowell) mourns over the death of Riff (Jesse Cohen) after his fight with Bernardo (Josh Korr) in the 7th and 8th grade musical in Hebrew, “West Side Story.”