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“If we don't teach our children who they are and what their history is, how can we expect them to grow up to be part of the community?” - Jack Kay, Jewish Communal Leader

  • CESJDS Celebrates
  • Its 25th Anniversary

US History

US History (Photo From Narith5, Wikimedia Commons)
President Bush launched Operation Desert Storm to free Kuwait from Iraqi control. The Hubble Space Telescope was launched into orbit during a Space Shuttle Discovery mission. Seinfeld debuted on NBC and The Simpsons premiered on Fox.

Our History

Our History

With 1,067 students, 170 staff members and more than a quarter century’s worth of change, CESJDS rolled out the “purple” carpet as it turned the big Two-Five. The fourth wing opened and the School got its very own field, the Field of Dreams.

Collective Memories

Never Giving Up
On hands and knees, members of the Blue Team work on their banner. Filled with team spirit, each person works toward victory in one of the school’s oldest traditions.
Bon Voyage
The sailors of the musical South Pacific are all smiles after singing, “There is Nothing Like a Dame.” The song opened the show with the loud tenor voices of the lusty sailors.
Let's Have a Party
Rabbis Bienenstock and Bockmanplay play tunes to delight the crowd. The Purim celebration consisted of reading of the Megillah, masquerades, stories, songs and skits.