Noted Soviet dissident and proclaimed hero of the Jewish people Natan Sharansky and President of Israel Chaim Herzog both battle major snowstorms to pay the School a visit.

  • Natan Sharansky
  • and Chaim Herzog
  • visit CESJDS

US History

US History
The US Stock Market crashed on “Black Monday” just after Alan Greenspan was appointed to chairman of the Fed. Prozac became available, helping thousands of Americans battle depression. And Americans hit the cinema to see Fatal Attraction and Dirty Dancing.

Our History

Our History
After spending nine years in Soviet prisons, Natan Sharansky made a surprise visit at the '87 graduation ceremony. Ten month later, Chaim Herzog came to visit the CESJDS community. In addition, the first pilot ESOL class for the Upper School began.

Collective Memories

Night in Shushan

Night in Shushan was a great success thanks to the Senior Class. In costume are Sharon Goldbergh, Louise Schimel, and Joshua Feinberg celebrating the big day.

Rounding Third
Jennifer Roberts brings home a victory for the softball team. Other spring sports being offered in 1987 include Varsity Baseball, Track, Varsity Tennis and Middle School Tennis.