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Upper school students and staff attended the first school-wide Kabbalat Shabbat, held in the multi-purpose room and auditorium on Friday, September 12, 1986.

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US History

US History
The US space shuttle Challenger went up in flames immediately after its launch. The Laptop computer was developed by IBM for commercial use. The Oprah Winfrey Show hit national airways. And kids everywhere were introduced to Nintendo.

Our History

Our History
Lacking a school assembly, Rabbi Michael Shepherd implemented a weekly gathering for a Jewish cause to intensify Jewish identity and raise spirit. Also in 1986, the first girls’ soccer team was formed and Elie Wiesel became the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Collective Memories

The 40th President of the US Visits CESJDS
The Lower School Choir, under the direction of Elaine Parness, is joined by President Reagan. The choir performed at Holocaust programs, school assemblies, and more.
Pull, Pull, Pull!
The Gold Team competes vigorously in the famous TUG. The most unique event this year was the joint effort by the Blue and Gold teams to create one unified banner.