1.5 million pennies were collected to purchase a Sefer Torah in memory of the children of the Holocaust. The ceremony served as the fulfillment of a promise “never to forget.”

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US History

US History (Photo from CinemaisDope.com, Universal)
Coca-Cola made a huge blunder when it discontinued its original flavor in lieu of a sweeter New Coke. Madonna stirred up controversy with her new single, “Like a Virgin” while Back to the Future and The Goonies made a splash at the box office.

Our History

Our History
The dedication of the new Torah was a synthesis of past and present, a memorial and a celebration. Seven weeks later, the celebration continued with the dedication of the Yetta K. and Samuel P. Cohen Wing. Students: 990. Staff members: 120.

Collective Memories

Showing Off Their School Spirit
Dressing up for the CESJDS chapter of the Mickey Mouse Club, students in 1985 loved to celebrate their religious and secular lives in festive and meaningful ways.
Another of Mrs. Wisotsky's Action Shots
The third addition to the school in eight years, the Yetta K. and Samuel P. Cohen Wing was built beside the sidewalk that leads to the main entrance of the school.
Belting It Out

After months of preparation, Pamela Rosenstein shines on opening night as she belts out "Adelaine's Lament" in the musical "Guys & Dolls", performed in Hebrew.