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Girls browse through prom dresses for the first time at CESJDS as the exciting winter fantasy, the Senior Prom, gives many the opportunity to bid farewell to the Class of 1984.

  • A Night to Remember:
  • The School Holds
  • its 1st Prom

US History

US History (Photo From KevinMazur, Wikimedia)
Ronald Reagan was elected to his 2nd term in office. Americans welcomed the Huxtable family into their living room. Cabbage patches took over the country. And Michael Jackson topped the charts with the smash-hits, "Thriller" and "Billy Jean."

Our History

Collective Memories

Congrats, Grads!
On January 25, CESJDS graduated its sixth senior class. Exceptionally bright, the class of ’84 included four Merit Semi-Finalists and thirteen Merit Commended Scholars.
Do You Know Your Dead Sea?
The Israel Quiz Bowl 5744 was quite a spectacle as students tested their knowledge of everything from the Golan Heights to David Ben-Gurion and everything in between.