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A member of the CESJDS staff since 1973, the beloved Assistant Principal and former Director of Guidance Services and Counselor was named the school’s new headmaster.

  • Dr. Shulamith Reich
  • Elster appointed
  • to Headmaster

US History

US History (Photo from Speifensender, Wikimedia)
USA Today began circulation. American’s everywhere fell in love with E.T- the Extra Terrestrial. Compact discs were developed by Phillips and Sony, changing the music industry forever. And the longest-running play of all time, Cats, debuted on Broadway.

Our History

Collective Memories

A New Beginning
Hanging from the monkey bars, children welcome in a new school year along with a new wing consisting of 16 classrooms, a library, a student lounge, and more.
Learning Outdoors
From grassy fields to the gym, Mrs. Spiegel’s kindergarten class was a special place from which students emerged knowing so much more than when they started.
Soccer Shootout
The soccer team kicks the ball around at the Jewish Community Center field. In 1982, the four sports offered were basketball, soccer, cross country and gymnastics.