On November 9, 1980, convocation was held to officially rename the School after the philanthropist’s extraordinary contribution in supporting the Jewish Day School and making it a reality.

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US History

US History
Ronald Reagan was elected the 41st President of the United States. CNN was launched as the first all-news network. The US boycotted the summer Olympics along with 60 other countries. And the world was introduced to post-it notes and the Rubik’s cube.

Our History

Our History
Charles E. Smith successfully chaired the foundation campaign which raised the funds necessary to build the ten acre day school. In honor of his contribution, the school was officially renamed the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School. Total students: 830.

Collective Memories

Holding Their Awards Proudly
Without a league to compete in, Coach Papa advocated for our participation in the Potomac Valley Athletic Conference, allowing students to vie for highly-coveted championships.
Sophomores in the Sun
Debbie Frank and Alex Shudrich are all smiles as they enjoy a beautiful day in the sun. Headmaster Dr. Jay Stern led the administration and staff for the 1980-1981 school year.
Ahavat Torah
Learning Torah is an important part of a Jewish Day School education. As the students grow and mature, it is their time studying Torah that helps build character and perform mitzvah.