Twelve years after its inception, commencement is held for a group of six seniors who became the first class ever to receive a diploma from the Jewish Day School of Greater Washington.

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  • After Returning
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US History

US History (Photo Courtesy of Towpilot, Wikimedia)
The Camp David Accords were signed between Egypt and Israel after a 13-day secret conference held at Camp David, showcasing America’s ability to help in world negotiations. And while Sony introduced the Walkman, the classic film Grease was released in theaters.

Our History

Our History
The twelfth year of the Jewish Day School marked the fulfillment of many dreams for its founders as the School graduated its first senior class. Also in 1978, The Charles I. and Mary Kaplan Wing was dedicated and the first yearbook ever was published.

Collective Memories

Rabbi Abramowitz, Do You See Me?
One of the first Hebrew teachers at the Jewish Day School, Masha Cohen, poses with two of her students, Josh Saypol and Andrea Leifer Travis, at the bima of Tifereth Israel.
I Mustache You A Question
Dr. Shulamith Elster and Mike Papa were loved by their students and the community. Mike Papa, the Head of Athletics, was known for his mustache and his inspiring Biology class.
Lights, Camera, Action
Ari Zymelman practices with classmates for The Hebrew Film Festival (Initiated by the Class of '81). The debut lineup consisted of 'Sallah', 'The Big Dig' and 'I Love You Rosa'.