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The Jewish Day School builds its first permanent home, a $2.7 million facility located on a 10-acre site at the corner of East Jefferson Street and Montrose Road.

  • Students and Staff
  • Move to East
  • Jefferson Street

US History

US History (Photo Courtesy of Rama, Wikimedia Commons)
Personal computers were introduced by Apple. Star Wars hit theaters as America fell in love with Yoda. From the back of a 747, the space shuttle Enterprise made its first test glide. And the disco era was in full swing with chart-toppers “Stayin Alive” and “Night Fever.”

Our History

Our History
Previously housed in four scattered locations, 500 students and 59 staff members move to the Leah M. Smith Building, the current location of the Lower School. The lease was signed for 99 years. In addition, seniors went on the first annual trip to Israel that Fall.

Collective Memories

Shabbat Shalom
Ilana Fuchs, Sara Fellner, Joel Mendelson, Adam Heller and Michael Lefkowitz practice the Shabbat tradition of making Kiddush as they enjoy their new 27-classroom building.
Movin' out, Movin' in
Ben Shykind, Jonathan Feinberg, Rebecca Weintraub and Ruth Kestenbaum help their headmaster, Dr. Sol Burack, unpack at the school’s new quarters in Rockville, Maryland.
Megilah Madness
David Bernstein and Andy Sherman play some instruments to help create a festive atmosphere for Purim. Festivities included juggling, a gong show and a baseball skit.