In the basement of Chevy Chase’s Ohr Kodesh Congregation, seven Jewish children started school as the first class of what would someday become the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School.

  • The Solomon
  • Schechter School
  • Opens its Doors

US History

US History
In 1965, America was at war in Vietnam. Martin Luther King Junior led Civil Rights marches in Alabama from Selma to Montgomery. Men walked in space for the first time. And one of the most popular films of all time, “Sounds of Music” was released.

Our History

Collective Memories

A Star is Born
With Sharon Farkas at the microphone hosting a pretend radio program, students were given individualized attention allowing them to learn at their own pace.  
Sabbath Blessing
Rachel Bernhardt and Philip Lazerus perform the traditional rituals of lighting the candles and blessing the wine in a Sabbath program at The Solomon Schechter School.
Everybody Freeze
With Mrs. Deborah Greenberg as leader of the dance, a group of children turn into olive trees in an Israeli song and dance honoring Tu Bishvat, the Jewish Arbor Day.