Zitelman Planned Giving Challenge

We are pleased to announce our commitment to the future of CESJDS through the purchase of a life insurance policy. Once the proceeds of the policy are received by the CESJDS Endowment Fund, the annual earnings will provide on-going support for tuition assistance.

We support CESJDS because it provides students with an excellent Jewish education built on a solid foundation of Jewish values, ethics, and morals, as well as an excellent general education. We have seen through our three daughters and their friends how students bond and maintain close and supportive relationships throughout their lives.

The annual insurance premiums are being funded with tax-deductible charitable contributions, which result in a very cost effective and easy way to leave a meaningful legacy gift to CESJDS.

With our gift, we are challenging CESJDS to secure 25 new planned gift commitments throughout 2018 and hope that you will participate.

We urge you to “Create Your Jewish Legacy” at CESJDS using life insurance, your will, trust, or retirement account. Feel free to contact us, or professionals at CESJDS, at plannedgiving@cesjds.org or (301) 692-4861.

We have made a significant commitment to fund the future of CESJDS and encourage you to do the same. Thank you.

Cindy and Rick Zitelman

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