Taking Care of JDS and My Family

I am leaving a gift in my will to CESJDS.

Why? CESJDS is an important part of my family. CESJDS educates my children, prepares them for their future studies and their ultimate careers as well as gives them a foundation in Judaics. In addition, CESJDS instills Jewish pride, preparing them for life, but more immediately the various campus challenges they will face in college.

Each year, I support the Ma'ayan Annual Campaign, and I've also contributed to the Building Our Future Endowment Campaign. I want to be sure that I'm doing my share to support CESJDS today, and well into the future.

Nonetheless, my children and family come first. And yours should, too. While I made a gift to CESJDS in my will, if my will becomes effective after my kids are old enough to support themselves and their own families and are no longer dependent financially on me, then I've structured my gift to automatically increase. This way, I'm committed to CESJDS's future, while placing my current obligations to my family first.

I hope my will becomes effective many years into the future. I support several organizations and I believe it is important to make planned gifts to continue my support of those organizations, after I am no longer physically here.

Lawyers, CPAs, and/financial planners are experienced in helping structure these types of gifts. They know what the best way is to support CEJSDS and other organizations you care about when you are making your future plans.

I am passionate about the idea of supporting CESJDS because it is something special I can do for a school that has done so much to help my family, with absolutely no impact on my or my family's current financial situation. However, right now I'm making sure that I provide for my family first. I hope you will consider doing the same. Please let me know if you'd like to discuss your own planned gift. I'm happy to help.

-Larry Kaplan

Father of Jeremy '15, Ilana '19, and Daphne '21

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