How Do I Make A Planned Gift to CESJDS?

Where There's A Will There's A Way

Leave a meaningful legacy to CESJDS and Jewish education through a gift in your will.

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Just One Percent

Consider designating a small percentage to CESJDS of what’s left over after you’ve provided for your loved ones.

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Planned Giving with Retirement Plans

Making a planned gift can be as easy as adding CESJDS as a beneficiary of your retirement plan.

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Gifts of Life Insurance

If your children are independent, you may not need as much insurance, and you can donate it to CESJDS.

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Tax Advantage for 70 1/2 Year Olds

Reduce your federal income tax by sending a gift directly to CESJDS from your IRA.

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For more information, or help with your plans, please contact our Planned Giving office. We are happy and able to assist. or (301) 692-4861 or