Happy Together Maayan

We Are Happy Together!

Ma'ayan Giving Levels

Cornerstone Society: $50,000+
Mitzvah Society: $25,000+
Chai Circle: $18,000+
Scholarship Society: $10,000+
Ambassador's Circle: $5,000+
Head of School Circle: $2,500+*
*New Giving Level this Year

Shalom Circle: $1,800+
Grandparent Mezuzah Society: $1,800+
Blue and Gold Circle: $1,000+
Tzedakah Circle: $500+
Lion's Pride: $180+
Alumni Lion's Den: $118+ (5-year pledge)

If you have any questions, please contact Marissa Tisch    at 301-692-4845 or mtisch@cesjds.org.