Sports Medicine

A certified athletic trainer is on staff and present during practices and home matches to help prevent and treat injuries. Each athlete has the ability to be ImPACT concussion tested to provide a baseline should a head injury occur. CESJDS is also unique in that our students enrolled in the Sports Medicine class serve as team trainers during the season.

Students gain experiential education while learning to prevent, recognize, manage and rehabilitate injuries related to sport. They learn advanced taping, wrapping, bracing/splinting and injury

Required forms for athletic participation can be accessed through Magnus.

Head Injury and Concussion Tests

If a head injury occurs the athlete is removed from play to be evaluated by Athletic Trainer (ATC) or licensed medical provider. If symptoms are very mild, parents should monitor 24-48 hours and if symptoms subside they are to follow up with a health practitioner and/or ATC in order to be cleared to begin Return To Play (RTP) Protocol. If symptoms are apparent and not subsiding, Montgomery County requires the student to be seen by a physician and cleared. Once the student athlete is cleared to begin a minimum 5 day RTP protocol, they must do so with school ATC or other licensed medical practitioner.  

Athletic Training Room


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Meet the Athletic Trainer

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Athletic training is a critical component of our program’s philosophy. Our approach to fostering strength, agility, flexibility, and providing effective treatment of a multitude of running related issues and injuries is made possible by our partnership with our athletic trainers. We owe much of our team’s success to their partnership and commitment to being there for our athletes whenever they are needed.Jason Belinkie, Track & Field, Winter Track, and Cross Country Head Coach