Alumni Spotlight Profile

Sara Polon '95
Sara is the owner and founder of Soupergirl, a highly acclaimed restaurant and retail supplier of  locally sourced, seasonal, and socially conscious soups, salads and other items.  She began at CESJDS in Kindergarten, commuting from Alexandria, VA everyday with her brother, Jonathan Polon '92.  When Sara turned twelve, the entire family relocated to Rockville so they could be closer to school.


Sara went from CESJDS to the Ivy League, attending the University of Pennsylvania where she majored in History with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies.  While at Penn, she studied abroad in both London and Jerusalem.


The core values espoused by CESJDS have stayed with Sara and have shaped how she leads her life and runs her business.  She got the idea to start Soupergirl after reading The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  The book ignited Sara's strong belief in Tikkun Olam (to heal the world) and in V'ahavta L'rayakha (community responsibility) - central principles that are part of the CESJDS experience. 


Soupergirl's products' ingredients are locally grown and her business is socially conscious.   Sara also decided to make her business kosher.  Sara believes that by running a kosher food business, it holds her to a higher standard. 


"From a business perspective, I put myself at a disadvantage.  I am closed on Saturdays and the High Holidays, which is a peak time for soup orders.  But, this has made me truly value Shabbat.  I work six days a week, and now fully understand what a day of rest really means."


Sara remembers CESJDS as a home away from home.  She was active on student council, played sports, and loved the warm sense of community.  She credits the excellent faculty, particularly Dr. Gil Cook for honing her communication and writing skills that she uses today.  If you haven't "liked" Soupergirl's facebook page, please do, and enjoy Sara's fun messages - Soupergirl Facebook Page.


"Know the story of your food," Sara said.  "It ties in beautifully with Jewish tradition."

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