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Maya Lieber '12

Maya Lieber '12 in the last year of her studies as a Civil Engineering major at the Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland. She is the youngest of four siblings, all of whom attended CESJDS – Danny '04, Rachel '06, and Talia '09. Maya is a "lifer," having started in Kindergarten and continued all the way through graduation.

The entire Lieber family was active in the Jewish community and at CESJDS. Maya's mother Annette was a member of the performing arts faculty and with her husband Marc are founding members of Kol Shalom Congregation.

Maya's best friends can be traced back to her earliest days at school. "In Ms. Marcus' Kindergarten class, I remember being on the playground with the friends that I still have today."

Being part of the CESJDS community also allowed Maya to pursue her passion for ballet. Beginning at age five, she was active with the Maryland Youth Ballet and her talents became clear very early on. Entering the Upper School, the faculty helped bridge the gap between the worlds of ballet and Maya's growing talent in math and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer, and Math) disciplines. Dean of Students Mrs. Roz Landy, science teacher Mrs. Jacobs, and math teacher Mr. Lee attended recitals.

Some other teachers that stand out are Mrs. Kimberly Agzigian in science and Ms. Tori Ball in math. "They both made learning so much fun," Maya recalls.

In the 10th grade, Maya was at a crossroads. Having reached an elite level in ballet, rehearsal times were in direct conflict with the schedule at CESJDS. "Mrs. Landy helped rearrange my schedule so that I could do both. This flexibility changed my life."

Eventually, Maya decided not to pursue dance as her profession. But she was instilled with a deep belief in Tikkun Olam, and she began to realize that "engineers do real work that helps people and changes lives." This core value and strong confidence helped her to enter the Clark School of Engineering where she focuses on Civil Engineering and Construction Management with a minor in Sustainability Studies.

At the University of Maryland, Maya has a strong circle of friends that includes many of the same people she was on the playground with in Kindergarten.

Maya is involved with the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Clark School Ambassadors program (she was a Student Ambassador at CESJDS), and hopes to work to make city living more sustainable and improve urban transportation.

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