Alumni Spotlight Profile

Kira Epstein '00
Kira Epstein '00 is a record holder.  Her family - parents David and Ellen, and siblings Jeremy '91, Asher '92, Barak '95 and Dina '97 - holds the record for the family with children attending CESJDS for the most consecutive years.  All five Epstein siblings attended kindergarten through 12th grade, with Epsteins being at CESJDS every year between 1978 and 2000, for a total of 65 school years.  
This year, Kira set her own record.  REALTOR® Magazine named her one of the Top 30 Under 30 Realtors 2011.  She is currently ranked in the top 5% of realtors nationally.
After graduating from the University of Rochester with degrees in Public Policy and Social Reform, she aspired to hold a non-traditional job.  She knew she did not want to sit at a desk from nine to five, and considered careers in which she could work with people.   Her brother Jeremy suggested she become a real estate agent.
Kira says CESJDS has played a role in her earning the spot as the number three agent in her Long and Foster office of 200 agents.  She credits having CESJDS friends all over Maryland and the District for helping her to learn the various neighborhoods in the area.
"There's something about the people [in the CESJDS community]." Kira adds, "They know your background, and they understand you."  She feels grateful that she can say she has known some of her CESJDS friends for 25 years.  Kira believes that those CESJDS relationships have made her who she is today, both personally and professionally.  Kira keeps in touch with friends and faculty from her family's years at CESJDS and is proud to have helped many of them find the home of their dreams.  Maybe one of these young families will beat the Epstein record?

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