Alumni Spotlight Profile

Noah Katz '09

When Noah Katz graduated from JDS in 2009, like many high school seniors, he had no idea what he wanted to do or even what he was interested in studying in college. Noah entered the University of Maryland that fall along with several of his JDS classmates, and quickly knew it was not the right choice for him. He then made the decision to enlist in the United States Marine Corps instead of pursuing a four-year degree.

Noah served in the Marines for five years, deploying to Afghanistan in 2013, and then took advantage of the G.I. Bill to go to College of Charleston. "The Marines taught me discipline and helped me grow up and truly understand myself. It gave me time to figure out what I enjoy doing and this made going back to college a lot easier than the first time around." From this experience, Noah knew he wanted to study a natural science and do something outdoors. 

While at College of Charleston, Noah pursued his Bachelors degree in Geology and in his junior year started coursework in the Benthic Acoustic Mapping and Survey (BEAMS) program to learn the theory and techniques used in mapping the seafloor. Noah had found his passion. After graduating in June 2020, Noah began working as a Hydrographer for eTrac, Inc., a Hydrographic Survey company in San Rafael, California. "My job is to conduct hydrographic surveys using a variety of sonars to create maps of the seafloor. I do everything from the acquisition of the data to post processing the data and creating reports to deliver to our clients, which range from small marinas to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)."

Noah is grateful for the time he spent at JDS along with his siblings, Eden '12, Eliana '16, and Zev '19. He credits his coaches and teachers for helping him become the person he is today. "Steve Forestieri was my soccer coach and taught me a lot, and I always enjoyed being around him. I also had great relationships with Reuben Silberman, my math teacher and Natalie Levitan, my history teacher. They both made learning easy and interesting and I had great times in their classes."

When thinking about his path to get to where he is today, Noah realizes it is not a conventional one but knows this was the right one for him. "I was very proud to come back to school after the Marines and perform at a high level and finish at the top of my class."

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