Alumni Giving

"I support the Ma'ayan Alumni Campaign and joined the Lion’s Den because JDS helped shape me into the person I am today. My friendships, career trajectory, and personal growth can all be traced back to my time at JDS. It is of paramount importance to me that JDS continue to thrive so my children have the opportunities that I was provided. I hope all alumni will remember their time at JDS with fondness and join me in supporting the Ma'ayan Alumni Campaign."

Zach Roth '10

Please take a moment to watch our Ma'ayan video to learn more about how your support harvests bright futures.

Thank you for supporting the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School. Our partnership with alumni is what enables CESJDS to be the extraordinary educational institution and community it has become. We are united by our shared Jewish values and history.

There are many ways that you can support our promise to produce graduates who emerge with the confidence, compassion, and knowledge to build a life infused with purpose and meaning. Through the lens of their personal Jewish identity, our alumni contribute to a vibrant, enduring future.

Ma'ayan Alumni Campaign

The Ma'ayan Annual Campaign is more than fundraising; it is a collective journey to nurture and celebrate the distinct elements that make CESJDS exceptional. Your support now more than ever your support is vital – it strengthens our foundation, sustains us during challenging times, and celebrates the accomplishments that enhance the vibrancy of our community.

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