Lions in Love

CESJDS is a place where relationships last a lifetime. For many alumni, these relationships turn into marriages. Browse the growing list of alumni couples and learn more about what brought them together.

Lisah Sandler ‘82 and David Bernstein ‘82

Sharon Rosenblum ‘85 and Sam Perlin ‘83

Ora Pearlstein ‘86 and Joshua Kranz ‘87

Daphne Rosenne ‘86 and Benjamin Singer ‘86

Rachel Exelbert ‘89 and Dan Schreiber ‘89

Tammy Glatz ‘89 and Jon Landy ‘91

Elaine Weiss '90 & Michael Pitch '90

Clara Smith ‘91 and Avi Margolis ‘89

Bess Gordon ‘92 and Leor Landa ‘90

Jessica Steinberg ‘94 and Hank Sacks ‘94

Jordana Ravick ‘98 and Eric Feder ‘98

Alexandra Frommer ‘98 and Daniel Schnitzer ‘98

Ariana Heideman '00 and Joseph Tipograph '98

Dorie Ain ‘01 and Jacob Ravick ‘01

Melissa Lurie ’02 & Carl Chaifetz '02

Della Krantz ‘03 and Michael Gildener Leapman ‘01

Rachel Pasternak ‘03 and Daniel Feinberg ‘03

Leah Eiserike ‘04 and Joshua Lipsky ‘04

Allee Lichtenstein ‘04 and Lawrence Burka ‘04

Rachel Eisenberger ‘05 and Daniel Brujis ‘05

Rebecca Goldstein ‘05 and Alex Tuvin ‘05

Abigail Dugan ‘05 and Gabriel Weisel ‘05

Hayley Niad ‘07 and Joseph Walters Nevit ‘06

Ilana Greene ‘08 and Daniel Margulies ‘08

Rebecca Friedland ’08 and Joel Finbloom ’08

Morgan Franklin '09 and Sam Weinberger '09

Leah Eiserike '04 and Josh Lipsky '04

Lions in Love
Jessica Steinberg ’94 and Hank Sacks ‘94

Jessica and Hank were acquaintances at CESJDS but during the trip to Israel, the casual friendship turned into a relationship. Entering college, they drifted apart, but were reunited by chance when Jessica was visiting the University of Wisconsin. The values and bonds that were a part of their lives at school became a critical element to their love for each other. Jessica is a member of the faculty at George Washington University Law School and Hank is a concert promoter and talent representative. They have two children, Sellah and Simona, live in the Washington, DC area, and are committed to Jewish education.