A JK-12 pluralistic school that engages students in an exemplary and inspiring general and Jewish education.


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See the top 10 reasons students thrive at CESJDS!

  1. Small class sizes allow teachers to help students reach their own levels of personal success.
  2. Teachers serve as role models and mentors to students, building unique relationships and embracing each student as a dynamic individual with tremendous personal potential.
  3. Learning in a warm, caring community gives students a sense of strength, confidence, and belonging.
  4. Students build a personally meaningful Jewish identity and sense of self.
  5. Our program fosters deep learning and the development of 21st-century skills: collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving.
  6. Students benefit from the best of authentic, innovative, experiential learning programs which energize, motivate and inspire learning.
  7. As a pluralistic community, we have a pervasive, abiding respect for diversity, and we actively explore our differences with tolerance and understanding.
  8. Holiday traditions in both Jewish and American culture heighten student commitment to both their civic and Jewish responsibilities and connections.
  9. The curriculum, programming and school culture provide a model for students how to live a life of integrity guided by Jewish values.
  10. Students explore their passions and excel through the strong arts and athletics departments in addition to a range of enriching extra-curricular clubs.

“Transitioning our children to JDS was like handing them an apple - a strong core of academics surrounded by meaningful relationships with teachers and friends that was rounded out with athletics; all combined with the sweetness of a comprehensive Jewish education. By changing to JDS, we fed our children's minds, bodies, and souls.”

-Julie and Sam Gallo (parents of Jessica, Class of 2022; Aaron, Class of 2024; and Drew, Class of 2028)

“Our students are exceptional. They are engaged and they love to learn. They are good people outside of the classroom.”

Kimberly Agzigian, Ruth and Samuel Salzberg Science Department Chair


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