Invest in an education where your child will thrive and grow as a confident, compassionate thinker who engages the world through Jewish values. The learning is engaging and inspiring as children explore rich academic and co-curricular opportunities with skillful and caring faculty. Rooted in a strong Jewish identity, graduates are poised for a vibrant future.


Tuition and fees for the 2024‐2025 Academic Year are as follows, subject to all conditions and terms in the Enrollment Agreement, into which this Exhibit is incorporated. Tuition and fees are billed through the School's designated tuition billing service, FACTS.

Domestic Students 2024-2025 Tuition
Gurim (Junior Kindergarten) - Grade 1 $35,320
Grade 2 - Grade 5 $35,990
Grade 6 - Grade 8 $43,590
Grade 9 - Grade 11 $45,120
Grade 12 $24,170

Tuition for the twelfth grade does not include the postgraduate Irene and Daniel Simpkins Senior Capstone Trip to Israel and Eastern Europe. Fees related to that program are set by and payable directly to the program provider.


The kids have really been intellectually engaged at JDS in a way I did not see them intellectually engaged in public school. For the first time ever my kids seemed genuinely interested in their classes and excited to share with me. The love of learning JDS has instilled is really important to us, every parent wants their kids to love learning.” Liz, CESJDS Parent
Special Fees 2024-2025  
Textooks/Supplies Fee  
         Lower School (JK-5) $65
         Upper School (Grades 6-11) $250
         Upper School (Grade 12) $125
Student Tablet/Technology Fee  

          Grade 5


          Grades 6-8

Parent Association Dues (per student, limit $100 per family) $40
Sulam@JDS Program
please note that tuition assistance may not be used for this program
ESOL (for non-Embassy students) $3,900**
Israeli Center (for non-Embassy students) $1,900**
2025 Irene and Daniel Simpkins Senior Capstone Israel Trip  
Israel Program (Including airfare between US/Israel)
estimated cost


*Applicable only for students enrolled in Sulam@JDS
**Applicable only if participation is required by the school, and only for Domestic Student Tuition as it is already included in International Tuition

CESJDS is exceptional (globally) on so many levels. It has comprehensive strategic educational planning and the best staff in all fields, leading the ultimate combination of learning, values, and solid identity for the students. Noa, CESJDS Parent


International Non-Boarding 2024-2025 Tuition*
Gurim (Junior Kindergarten) - Grade 11 $40, 500 (transportation included K**-11)*
Grade 12 $20, 250 (transportation included)*
International Boarding Students 2024 - 2025 Tuition*
Grade 6 - Grade 11 $64,980
Grade 12 (First Semester) $33,000

*For those who live near existing bus stops. See the Transportation page for more information.

**  According to Maryland State Law, students in Gurim (below Kindergarten) are not eligible to ride the bus.



Our students are being invited to try new ways to solve common problems, leveraging technology differently and learning from their trial and error. They come home excited to share their new strategies, and beam with pride at their ability to creatively overcome obstacles.  Yael, CESJDS Parent

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  • 6 Specials Offered Each Week in Grades JK-4
  • 8 Specials and 2 Elective Options Offered Each Week in Grade 5
  • Coding and Hebrew Taught as Second/Third Languages from Grades JK-12
  • 5th Grade Capstone Trip to Philadelphia, PA
  • 8th Grade Bridges Capstone Trip to Atlanta, GA
  • Irene and Daniel Simpkins Senior Capstone Israel Trip
The DMV as a Classroom
  • Visual Arts Trips to Museums and Galleries
  • Musical and Theatrical Performances
  • White House and Other D.C. Monuments
  • National Zoo
  • Colonial St. Mary’s City
  • Statehouse Annapolis
Annual Speakers 
  • Authors
  • Artists
  • Thought-Leaders
  • Maker/Tinker spaces
  • 25 STEM Electives Offered in the Upper School
  • Over 7 Afterschool STEM Clubs
  • 23 Arts Electives Offered in the Upper School
  • 6 Upper School Performances
  • Weekly Musical Performances every Friday at Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Arts Chai-Lights Celebration of Creativity
  • 5 Lower School Performances