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Transportation & Aftercare options at CESJDS

Bus Transportation

CESJDS offers an extensive school bus transportation program allowing us to meet the needs of our families from neighborhoods in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. We have six bus routes with more than 70 stops.

Our Director of Safety, Security and Transportation works with new families to accommodate new stop requests when possible.

CESJDS Bus Transportation map


At the Lower School, parents drop off/pick up via one of two carpool lanes. You will be assigned a lane prior to the start of school.

There is one drop off/pick up lane at the Upper School. We also offer a shuttle from the Upper School to the Lower School allowing families with children at both campuses to have one drop off.

We encourage our families to share rides, and will assist incoming families in finding other CESJDS families near them who might be willing to carpool. We also use an online tool, Carpool to School, to make it easy to find other CESJDS families in your neighborhood.


Students in grades 11-12 are permitted to drive and park on campus at the Upper School.