The Sulam@JDS program is an inclusive educational model where students with learning differences receive the highly specialized support they need while attending a rigorous, pluralistic independent Jewish day school. 

Both CESJDS and Sulam bring a commitment to excellence and a track record of success in the fields of education and special education. Sulam has proven expertise in inclusion within a Jewish day school setting. CESJDS is known for its strong academic and co-curricular program, as well as its commitment to Jewish values, learning, and Israel.

Educational Approach

Sulam@JDS is grounded in the belief that everyone benefits from an inclusive classroom and school environment. 

The program is centered around the educational framework of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). UDL is an approach to teaching and learning that provides all students equal opportunity to succeed. Teachers proactively embed multiple options into the curriculum so that students with diverse learning profiles access both the support and level of challenge they need.

Sulam@JDS emphasizes the interconnectedness of cognitive, social, emotional, and Jewish spiritual learning. Teachers approach students holistically and integrate strategies into the classroom that allow students to feel safe, secure, and motivated.

Program Participants

The 2023-2024 cohort includes nine students in grades 2, 3, and 5.

The Sulam@JDS program serves:

  • Students with documented mild to moderate disabilities in grades 1-5 that impact their educational functioning throughout the school day. Examples of diagnoses include:
    • Specific Learning Disabilities
    • ADHD
    • Twice Exceptional (Gifted and Talented, Learning Disabled - GTLD)
    • Anxiety
    • Social Skills Deficits
    • Language Delay
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Students who will respond to adult direction and accept support within the dynamics of a general education setting. This determination will be made by our team of special education professionals through the admissions process.

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Dorie Ravick

Dorie Ravick

Sulam@JDS fills a critical gap for our family and for our local Jewish community. We are so thrilled and appreciative that our bright and inquisitive son can access a Jewish day school education while getting the support he needs to be successful.”

 Dena and Eric Feldman, Parents of grade 3 Sulam@JDS students

Additional Support to CESJDS Education Support Services (ESS)

The CESJDS Educational Support Services (ESS)  program offers robust support to students. Sulam@JDS will offer a level of intervention and support beyond what is currently provided to students enrolled at CESJDS.

In addition to ESS services, Sulam@JDS students will benefit from:

  • A smaller adult to child ratio
  • Additional opportunities for targeted academic intervention
  • More individualized support in the general education classroom including modifications to curriculum and materials, where appropriate
  • Ongoing skill building in the areas of social and emotional development
  • Personalized case management that includes frequent communication between school, home, and outside service providers

A Sulam@JDS student requires a level of support that exceeds what ESS provides. The student experiences barriers to success across the school day, which necessitates a higher frequency and intensity of intervention services. The determination whether a student requires ESS or Sulam support will be made by the Admissions team.

Sulam@JDS Faculty and Staff

Cost and Tuition Assistance

In order to provide our students with the tailored education they deserve, for the 2023-2024 school year there was a $15,450 fee in addition to CESJDS tuition. Tuition in Sulam@JDS is supported through philanthropic investment that helps offset the true cost of the program which is $42,000 per student above the cost of regular JDS tuition.

There may be a modest tuition increase for the 2024-2025 school year.

Applicants are welcome to apply for CESJDS tuition assistance. However, assistance will not cover the additional cost of Sulam@JDS.

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We are grateful for a substantial anchor gift from The Mayberg Foundation, and significant support from the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Washington, The Kahan Family Foundation, two anonymous donors, The Isadore and Bertha Gudelsky Foundation, Mark Levitt & Kay Klass, Annette Bicher & Ken Nechin, Galena-Yorktown Foundation, David & Tamar Volosov, Susan & Brad Stillman, Jack & Carol Feder, and Fran Katz Watson & Robert Watson for their vision and support to help make this pilot program a reality and for making CESJDS a more inclusive learning environment.

For more information about investing in Sulam@JDS, please contact Sharon Metro.