Gurim Junior Kindergarten: Meet the Teachers

Our trained and experienced teachers understand how children learn, care about their social-emotional growth, and tailor their teaching methods to the needs of the group.

Eve Margol, Gurim Junior Kindergarten General Studies teacher

Eve Margol
Gurim General Studies Teacher

People ask me why I continue to teach young children when I have the experience to work with higher grades.

The answer is simple – children at the beginning of their school years amaze me! They are curious and learn quickly. They listen and love to experience new things. They are funny, imaginative and watching their eyes light up when they have mastered a concept is the reason why I teach.

I believe as a teacher it is important to move with the times. Children are growing and learning faster than ever with the technology at their (and our!) disposal, and new ways of learning are being introduced rapidly. It is our job, as teachers, to embrace these new techniques and technologies, and to learn and master them, as the children are learning and mastering themselves. We never stop learning and never stop growing, and in this changing and advancing world, I am as excited to learn as the children are.

Sivan Krowitz, Gurim Junior Kindertarten Judaic Studies teacher

Sivan Krowitz
Gurim Judaic Studies Teacher

The first few years of a child’s education are critical. My job as the teacher is to model the values in which I believe: patience, equality, friendship, optimism, and joie de vivre.

My main role is to ensure the happiness of all of my students by providing a safe and accepting environment in which they feel respected and loved. Each child receives a personal touch, and ample opportunities to learn and develop feelings in order to express his/herself and succeed.

Therefore, learning in my classroom is multi-faceted and includes music, dance, and spatial activities.

Acquiring a second language can, at times, be a challenging process. I make a concerted effort to make the learning experience interesting and exciting via creativity and theatre. Whether learning in English or Hebrew, I create a positive, supportive, and warm environment for every child to learn in his or her unique way.

Gurim, an experiential, child-centered Junior Kindergarten
"Eve and Sivan are amazing. They are enthusiastic about bring with and teaching the kids. The entire class is benefiting from their energy."

- Barbara Bushman, mom of Zachary