STEM at the Lower School

STEM in the Lower School is innovative, experiential and hands-on. As both a topic and an approach to learning, science is taught as a special by content-area master teachers, and STEM is integrated throughout the school day and the curriculum in all content areas, including Judaics. 

There are three specific goals of the STEM program at the CESJDS Lower School. With each of these main goals come several methods for achieving each with our students and faculty. A deeper dive into these methods can be found below.

  • To engage in STEM-specific innovation,
  • To aim for excellence in math and science and,
  • To achieve program stability and sustainability.

STEM Specific Innovation

Excellence in Math and Science

Program Stability and Sustainability

Explore our Lower School STEM Program

STEM Spotlight

Collaborative STEM Initiative  with George Washington University

We are thrilled to announce our new ground-breaking collaboration with the George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD) to develop a signature JK-5 STEM curriculum that will be integrated across general and Judaic disciplines and cutting-edge professional development for our Lower School. A team of three GSEHD faculty will work with the Lower School Administration and Faculty in this unique school-university partnership that will bring to bear the GW STEM and curriculum expertise to create a world-class curriculum. The project will enhance teaching and learning at CESJDS in all subject areas, in particular, in math, science, art, and engineering, and in using technology as a learning tool.

Whats New in STEM at the Lower School?

Meet Our STEM Expert

Alexis Soffler, MAT, PhD, Lower School STEM and Science Coordinator

Dr. Alexis Soffler joined the CESJDS team as a STEM Education Specialist in 2013. She has spearheaded the expansion of the STEM program at CESJDS, including co-developing elementary school-wide programs, events such as the STEM Challenge, and the launch of the iLab. Prior to CESJDS, she held several other STEM-related teaching positions in Colorado where her passion for the subject grew. She is excited to work with students and teachers who are invested in the exciting educational space of STEM.