A Renewed Spirit after High School STEM Day
Shira Finke (Grade 12)

Since I was in fifth grade I have always dubbed myself as a ‘STEM girl.’ Maybe it was because I felt a sense of accomplishment when I was able to tackle one of Mr. O'Brien's challenging problems, or maybe it was just me rebelling against my parents’ liberal arts lifestyle, but I always knew I loved STEM.

Sadly, though, as you start to leave middle school, the days of volcano experiments and “Crust and Mantle” raps slowly come to an end, and you're faced with derivatives and centripetal force. As a senior, I had lost sight of what STEM really meant and was stuck in the mindset that I would either be crunching numbers behind a desk or designing rockets (which personally did not appeal to me). But after STEM day I was reminded of the sheer spectrum of jobs I could pursue, things I had forgotten even existed. I never would have thought that being an expert in wearable technology was something I could major in, or printing 3D prosthetics could help me make a change in the world.

All of these professions channel both my creative side and my love for STEM, something I had forgotten was possible. Once in a while we just need a reminder that the seemingly boring equations we have to memorize are part of a much bigger picture, and that's exactly what STEM Day did.

Shira Finke is a 12th grader at CESJDS.