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STEM Program

What is STEM?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. But it also stands for much more. STEM is also the thinking, values, and processes that people in these fields use to be successful innovators and discoverers.


  • Engineering concepts are integrated in Science classes and Computer Science in Math classes.
  • We follow the National Next Generation Science Standards.
  • STEM Elective available for 5th grade students.

STEM Events

  • STEM Challenge Days in which all students in grades K-5 participate in STEM activity challenges.
  • STEM Buddies where Kindergarten students are paired up with 5th graders to work on mini-STEM challenges together.
  • Collaboration on projects with outside groups, such as Navy aerospace engineers.

STEM Programs and Initiatives

  • After-school clubs available in computer coding and LEGO Robotics.
  • Coding in mathematics in grades 4-5, with a pilot program in grades K-2.
  • 3D printer use and design

Innovation Lab (iLab)

  • Opened in the 2014-2015 school year.
  • A place for sparks of innovation, collaborative interdisciplinary teaching, open exploration.
  • Home-base for technology such as robotics, large screen design computers, smart board on wheels, and materials library.

The iLab is a place where children...

…interact with exciting materials on the front edge of scientific understanding and technology.

…are encouraged to take the lead in their learning and see choices and open doors.

…connect with a specialist in STEM education as a classroom teacher.

…are celebrated for thinking outside of the box and turning those visions into reality.

Lower School STEM Challenge

Alexis Soffler, MAT, PhD
STEM Education Specialist

Alexis Soffler, MAT, PhDDr. Alexis Soffler joined the CESJDS team as a STEM Education Specialist in 2013. She has spearheaded the expansion of the STEM program at CESJDS, including co-developing elementary school-wide programs, events such as the STEM Challenge, and the launch of the iLab. Prior to CESJDS, she held several other STEM-related teaching positions in Colorado where her passion for the subject grew. She is excited to work with students and teachers who are invested in the exciting educational space of STEM.

Contact Dr. Soffler at:
asoffler@cesjds.org or 301-692-1765

School-wide STEM Challenge Days

Kindergarten and 5th Grade STEM Buddies

4th Graders build seaplanes with Navy Aerospace Engineers

3D Printer in the iLab

Constructing and launching water bottle rockets