Shoah (Holocaust) Education at CESJDS

The study and remembrance of the Holocaust is a critical component of a CESJDS education. Students commemorate and learn about the Shoah throughout their time at the school and over the course of the academic year.
The Holocaust was a deeply personal and collective experience, one which left a lasting mark on individuals and the Jewish people as a whole. Our approach to Holocaust education and programming places the individual at the center. It is developmentally appropriate, encouraging students at each age level to connect to the Shoah and the history of the Jewish people in meaningful ways. Students are asked to consider what the implications of the Holocaust are for themselves, the Jewish people and humanity. Our overall Holocaust education program culminates with the Jewish heritage trip to Eastern Europe that is a component of our seniors’ Capstone Israel Experience. As part of the experiential educational aspect, we collectively mark the memory of the Shoah annually through our Yom HaShoah V’Hagvurah commemorations (Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day), including the Moment of Silence dedicated by the Bassin Family in honor of Tobi’s father Morley Potash.

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Irene and Daniel Simpkins Capstone Senior Trip


The pinnacle of Holocaust commemoration and exploration occurs as part of the Irene and Daniel Simpkins Capstone Senior Trip, post-graduation. As part of their semester in Israel, CESJDS students spend more than a week in Poland and the Czech Republic learning about Jewish life and Jewish communities pre-Shoah; visiting the sites of ghettos, concentration and death camps; and memorializing those who perished. 


The following resources inform our approach to Holocaust/Shoah Education at CESJDS and provide additional information for families and students of various ages to learn about the Shoah.