Middle School

Students in the CESJDS Middle School hone their skills of critical thinking, empathy, active listening, resiliency, self advocacy, and more. Our program emphasizes the core values of our school. We believe these values are essential to supporting each of our students as they continue on their path of character development.

Our curriculum combines academic rigor with social-emotional skill building and integrates across the disciplines. Middle School students study English, Hebrew, math, science, Jewish texts, social studies, science, the arts, STEM, Jewish culture, and more. While in the Middle School, students learn what it means to study a discipline and experience what it means to be a historian, scientist, or other content specific expert. They learn how to integrate their thinking across multiple subject areas. In addition, early adolescents benefit from experiential learning, which is integrated into our curriculum as part of the weekly schedule and as one of the instructional tools our teachers use in their classrooms.

Day in the Life - Neely, Grade 7

Benjamin transferred to JDS in 7th grade. The Middle School teachers welcomed and truly got to know him. Communication is encouraged and conversations are open; there is a genuine dialogue. The way students are taught to think and openly communicate and express their thoughts immediately struck me.Dr. Hillary Weiss, parent to Benjamin (Class of 2024) and Hailey ‘20

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