Lower School science courses cover a wide range of topics and include physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science activities. We align our content with the Next Generation Science Standards, ensuring our students are competitive with peers across the country. Units are enriched with field trips at every grade level, projects that bring students into contact with professionals in the field and along with experiences and materials that launch students into innovative learning.

Science in early childhood is organized around discovery-based centers where students are using all of their senses to develop fundamental skills and learn about the world in playful and welcoming ways. In 1st through 5th grade, students attend science class and learn to work collaboratively as they build, test, and reason through challenges and projects. Students build science knowledge through literacy, mathematical, and technology skills as they work in thematic units. This learning is integrated with engaging hands-on experiences, such as building model planes with Navy aerospace engineers, using robots to solve environmental problems, or collecting eggs from our school chickens to learn about life-cycles. Additionally, our 5th grade students have choices of electives, which include STEM subjects such as model rocketry or mathematical origami. Students leave the Lower School loving science as a subject and feeling confident in their ability to do it.