Lower School

CESJDS achieves academic excellence through a rich and rigorous General and Judaic Studies curriculum designed to promote inquiry, critical thinking and solid 21st-century skills in a world of rapidly changing information. Lower School students start their journey to become skilled readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists and artists, anchored in Jewish values and knowledge. Our integrated curriculum approach highlights experiential learning across all subjects to help students see connections and develop a deeper understanding of core skills and concepts.

Through our character education program “middot tovot”, we cultivate specific מידות – Middot – qualities of character in classrooms, on the playing fields, and in the relationships formed at school. We design our curriculum to allow children to explore and learn in an environment that balances structure with choice, and the individual with the community.

Day in the Life

Gabby - Kindergarten
Shia - Grade 5

“I spent my morning melting minds--I introduced 5th graders to the concept of the atom and 3rd graders to how the earth spins and rotates in space and creates day, night, and seasons. I literally had to kick out classes with hands raised, begging for more information. Science is the best.”Dr. Alexis Soffler, Lower School Science and STEM Coordinator

Explore Gurim - 5th Grade