Lower School

Welcome to the Lower School!

A Joyful and Warm Community

Come into the Lower School and you will immediately feel the joy and warmth of elementary school. Teachers have a love of children and are passionate about learning. Each student is welcomed and seen for who they are and, together, we have a community of students and staff that is joyful about coming to school each day. 

Values-Based Education

Our exemplary and inspiring academic program engages students and inspires lifelong learning, while our character education program sets us apart. Middot/Values, such as respect and courtesy, empathy, and loving-kindness are emphasized and integrated into our program so that our students grow into confident and compassionate menches and leaders for tomorrow. 

Whole Child Approach

Academic, social-emotional, spiritual, and physical development are purposefully and thoughtfully addressed by our outstanding team of educators. We take pride in nurturing the growth of our students in mind, heart, soul, and body in order to be ready for action as members of the Jewish community and larger world.

Child-Centered Learning

With our small class sizes and differentiated instruction approach, each and every child becomes known and receives the instruction and support that they need. Our team of Enrichment and Learning Specialists and School Counselors provide support to students and teachers for the individualization and personalization that are a hallmark of our program.   


Day in the Life

Gabby - Kindergarten
Shia - Grade 5

“We love the way our son is encourage to ask questions, think outside the box, and to continually be supported to do his best. Thank you to the JDS team for being so incredible and for fostering a strong Jewish identity and love for Israel.”Charl and Rene Marais, CESJDS Parents

Explore Gurim - 5th Grade