High School

Our high school students study arts, English, Hebrew language, Jewish texts, world & Jewish history, other languages, math, and science—all within the framework of an integrated curriculum. Each of the disciplines is studied purposefully, with rigor, and connections are made across the subjects.

This interdisciplinary learning is, at times, initiated by teachers, though oftentimes students find connections on their own. This type of learning has a variety of benefits, supported by research—benefits that we work to instill in our high school students. Among them are:

  • the ability to move beyond preconceived notions through consideration of multiple perspectives,

  • to think critically, to tolerate ambiguity, and

  • to acknowledge and appreciate ethical concerns.

We work to instill a combination of cognitive habits, social-emotional abilities, and broad wisdom in our students.  We focus on all of these domains because taken together, they are critical for the personal growth, well-being and fulfillment of our high school students, as well as in creating a foundation for their future success.

Day in the Life - Alex, Grade 11

I'm incredibly grateful for everything I learned in high school. The English program prepared me well for all the different writing courses I took. The delta epsilon proofs we learned in math class turned out to be incredibly valuable when I took proof-based calculus. I've used the knowledge I gained from all the Judaic classes in so many different capacities and had the opportunity to even teach a few friends about Jewish history because of what I learned. I'm thankful for my JDS education.Dina Rabinovitz ‘15

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