Kaleidoscope Project

As a connection to the cross-cutting concepts, 2nd grade participated in a Structure and Function week long project! Throughout the week, students worked with the same “structure” of an open number line/timeline across different subjects, including t'fillah, music, Judaics, science, music, art and more! Each time, students had to determine the correct scale and fill in relevant events to help them understand the function it served. At the end, students reflected on what they learned and they put all their work together to make their own structure and function book! 

For example, they used a timeline in math to determine family members’ ages based on their birth year. They created the lunar Hebrew calendar and put each Jewish holiday on the calendar and then they met with 5th graders to hear how the phases of the moon connected to our Jewish holidays. They put their executive functioning skills to work and planned our their 12 week long world research projects for social studies. They measured tints in art class from lightest to darkest, found patterns in their musical notes in music class, and measured a growing bean in science! In t'fillah, they broke up a prayer they were learning into parts and explained what each part meant.