Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry laboratory experiments are continuously redesigned  to engage students in  higher-order thinking skills, to reinforce learning, and to inspire creativity. Hands-on activities range from traditional laboratories and  student-designed experiments to project-based learning assessments.

Lab assignments are aimed towards teaching analytical and communication skills, as well as towards improving overall academic performance. Experimental investigations in our chemistry class emphasize scientific expertise in the areas of data collection, error analysis, and justifiable  conclusions.

During the first quarter of our chemistry class, students are guided through simple laboratory techniques such as procedures, collecting and organizing data, and uncovering sources of error.  A full lab report is completed during the second quarter, and oral and written communication skills are employed during the third quarter. Students video record the presentation of a lab report in order to demonstrate their growth in the area of effective oral communication.

At the end of the second year of chemistry, the knowledge and skills accumulated up to that point, along with the feedback received, enable students to undertake a large project.

At the end of the junior year, students apply for summer internships to nearby research centers or travel to Israel to work at the famous Technion Institute. Some chose to use their newly-gained knowledge and skills to complete projects in the field of chemistry.