CESJDS Memorial Trust Holocaust "Czech Torah" Scroll

Czech Scroll MST#849 was one of a number of Sifrei Torah that came from the Pinkas Synagogue in Prague in the Czech Republic. However, the true provenance of the Torah scroll may well have been elsewhere as the Pinkas Synagogue was a collecting point where many scrolls came before being sent on to the Jewish Museum in Prague in 1941-2.

The “Czech Torah” is part of the Memorial Scrolls Trust. Through the scrolls we remember European Jewish life before the Holocaust as well as its tragic destruction, challenge those who interact with the scroll to confront prejudice and hatred, and inspire them to action by committing to Jewish lives and working to build bridges across communities.

The Czech Scroll MST#849 is in our Lower School Beit Midrash and is used by students weekly. The Torah was allocated on permanent loan to the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in 1978, following a request by Mr. Joseph Pick.

More information about the scrolls can be found at this link on the Memorial Scrolls Trust website.