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The CESJDS Pawdcast


Podcast Episode #4

Enrichment 360- Catherine Welch and Kim Sherk

Catherine Welch, Lower Language Arts and Social Studies Coordinator, and Kim Sherk, Language Arts Enrichment Specialist discuss the new Lower School initiative: Enrichment 360.

Podcast Episode #3

Executive Function - Heidi Tacktill and Sarah Andrea

Sarah Andrea, 3rd Grade General Studies Teacher, and Heidi Tacktill, Learning Specialist, discuss Executive Function, how we approach this at JDS, and ways to work with students at home

Podcast Episode #2

Nancy Wassner and 11th Grade English

Nancy Wassner, High School English Teacher, introduces the excellent work of her 11th grade students' "This I Believe" project.

Podcast Episode #1

Coach Becky Silberman and Talia Shemony

Talia Shemony (Grade 12) has a conversation with new Director of Athletics, Becky Silberman.