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Water Sample Testing at CESJDS

October 25, 2018
16 Heshvan 5779
Dear CESJDS Parents and Staff,
Starting earlier this year, Maryland law began requiring private and public schools to test their drinking water outlets for lead. To support the health and safety of our students, CESJDS tested all drinking water outlets plus faucets not normally used for drinking, a total of 266 outlets across both campuses. The samples were analyzed by an independent, state-certified laboratory. 
No drinking water outlets (including water fountains and faucets and sinks in kitchens and health rooms) had elevated levels of lead (20 ppb or higher). 
The samples from four non-drinking water outlets did have elevated levels. Upon receiving the results, we immediately disabled three of the four outlets: two bathroom sinks and a sink in the athletic training room. We have remediated the plumbing for the sinks and are awaiting the results of fresh tests before bringing the outlets back online. In accordance with state law, the lab spigot (the fourth outlet) has been clearly marked as not for drinking. 
Please find a formal notification form that includes more detailed information about the water sample testing here. As always, please feel free to be in touch with one of us if you have further questions.
Rabbi Mitchel Malkus
Head of School

Dr. Marc Lindner
High School Principal and Associate Head of School

Rabbi Matthew Bellas
Lower School Principal