Portrait of a CESJDS Graduate

The Portrait of a CESJDS Graduate articulates the broad knowledge, skills, habits of mind, and character traits that guide our vision for students as we foster the growth of confident, compassionate thinkers who engage the world through Jewish values.

Independent, Creative, and Critical Thinker

  • Exhibits diverse and broad knowledge with the passion and skills for lifelong learning.
  • Evaluates ideas and information from diverse sources for validity, relevance, and significance.
  • Formulates questions and problems clearly and precisely.
  • Reaches well-reasoned and creative evidence-based conclusions and solutions, testing them against relevant criteria and standards.
  • Uses information to strengthen comprehension and deepen awareness.
  • Exhibits the ability to analyze and synthesize information.
  • Displays an innovative and growth mindset.

Knowledgeable, Engaged, and Passionate Jew

  • Embraces pluralism in Jewish life.
  • Reads, explains, interprets, and makes personal meaning from a wide range of Jewish texts.
  • Speaks, reads, writes, and understands Hebrew.
  • Has a personal connection with and nuanced understanding of Israel, its people, history, and culture.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of Jewish history and literature and their impact on Jewish life.
  • Participates in and builds Jewish communal life.
  • Has the skills to engage in Jewish ritual/spiritual practice.

Effective Communicator

  • Reads for comprehension from various literary sources and styles.
  • Listens actively to advance understanding.
  • Demonstrates a genuine desire to learn and share ideas in a variety of conversations and group discussions through participation and inquiry.
  • Speaks in a purposeful manner to inform, influence, motivate, or engage listeners.
  • Writes effectively for various audiences and with personal voice.
  • Uses technology and digital tools appropriately to explore, research, and exchange ideas.
  • Uses oral, written, and artistic forms to express feelings and convey meaning.

Thoughtful and Reflective Collaborator

  • Works interdependently within a group to promote learning, increase productivity, and achieve common goals.
  • Respects divergent thinking to engage people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs in thoughtful discussion.
  • Seeks and uses feedback from others to self-reflect and adapt ideas.

Ethical, Responsible, and Compassionate Global Citizen

  • Has the skills and social understanding to lead.
  • Understands and appreciates identity as a rich mix of national, regional, cultural, ethnic, religious, gender, orientation, socioeconomic, and other factors.
  • Shows awareness, respect, and knowledge of diverse perspectives, peoples, places, and cultures.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to tikkun olam (social responsibility) through acts of tzedakah (creating a just world).
  • Advocates for and has the confidence to stand up for their beliefs.
  • Integrates and applies Jewish values in daily life and decision-making.
  • Understands and appreciates the foundations of the United States, our democracy, and values.
  • Exhibits empathy and compassion toward others.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and care for the environment.

Focused and Resilient Individual

  • Persists to accomplish difficult academic, social, and personal challenges.
  • Self-advocates and seeks assistance to overcome difficulties.
  • Engages in healthy and positive personal habits and relationships.
  • Takes appropriate risks to pursue goals and growth.
  • Has a positive self-image and a well-adjusted social, emotional, and spiritual life.
  • Successfully employs time-management and organizational skills.
  • Exhibits skills and strategies to identify and cope with stress.

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