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Nanci Henoch, 3rd Grade General Studies Teacher


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On the brink of completing her fourth year at CESJDS, Nanci Henoch, 3rd Grade General Studies Teacher has had a pioneering year at the School. A former student once told her "Mrs. Henoch, if my body can't stretch, my brain can't stretch!" This statement, in conjunction with an Edutopia blog she read entitled Flexible Seating Elevated Student Engagement, led her to implement the first CESJDS classroom with a 100% flexible seating arrangement. Instead of rows of desks, there are four desks, two tables, 20 lap desks, six stability balls, four bean bag chairs, three butterfly chairs, two standing desks and a number of other seating options. "I have found that the students are better able to engage in meaningful discussions with each other when they can choose where to sit instead of being confined to a plastic chair and a metal desk," she said.

Nanci's career did not originate in teaching, rather in Human Resources. She majored in English at Penn State University, leading her to a position as a corporate trainer post-graduation. After a number of years feeling a professional void, she enrolled in an evening teaching program at Johns Hopkins University, where she earned a Master's Degree, and taught in Baltimore City during the day. After five years in Baltimore, she began to move south and taught in Howard County for an additional seven years.

She has found her home at CESJDS and looks forward to more excitement and innovation as her tenure continues. "There is a certain level of creativity and flexibility that you have working in a private school, that just doesn't exist in public school."

When she is not inspiring 8 year old minds at CESJDS, Nanci enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her two children.

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