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Erin Magee, Lower School Science Teacher


Staff Spotlight: Erin Magee

Erin Magee, Lower School Science Teacher, is a self-proclaimed science nerd. She fell into teaching after working with young children at the Olney Children's Center. Because of that role, she pursued an Education degree at the University of Maryland.

In her third year at CESJDS, Erin previously taught 5th grade in the MCPS system. Each year has been a different mashup of the grades she teaches, and she loves the dynamism. "I am teaching 2nd grade math for the first time this year and it is awesome. 2nd grade was my personal favorite grade growing up," she says.

Erin's passion for science comes from the constant curiosity that the subject yields. "There are so many ways to figure things out, and there is no one right answer. The more you learn, the more questions you have," Erin remarked. She is especially proud to be a woman in the science field.

She feels lucky to have a very solid support system in her colleagues at CESJDS. "If there's ever anything I need help with, am confused on, or having a bad day, there is always someone that I can go to."

Erin grew up locally, and in her spare time, loves to cook, sing, dance, play outside, anything artsy, attend sporting events, be with people, and hang out with her dad. She worked for the Washington Capitals for five years; 2 years as a cheerleader, and 3 years as the In-Game Host. Erin is currently pursuing her Master's in Human Development from the University of Maryland.

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