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Eight JDS Students Participate in the Junior State of America Cabinet Retreat


Eight JDS students participated in the Junior State of America (JSA) cabinet retreat for the Mid-Atlantic State (MAS) that was held in Stamford, Connecticut. The MAS includes all JSA chapters in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Rebecca Weiss (Grade 11) was elected South Atlantic Capital District (SACD) Chief Executive and the other seven students were appointed to positions. Ilan Cohen (Grade 12) is the South Atlantic Executive Chief of Staff. Josh Siegel (Grade 11) and Sam Fingerhut (Grade 11) are both Chapter Internal Affairs (CIA) Agents for the South Atlantic Capital District. Sami Himmelfarb (Grade 10) and Alex Landy (Grade 10) are both Expansion Agents for the South Atlantic. Jacob Sher (Grade 10) is a director of debate for the MAS, and Matthew Wieseltier is a fundraising agent for the MAS.


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