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CESJDS Students Win Five Speaker Awards at JSA Spring Convention


Our students had a great experience at the Junior State of America (JSA) Spring Convention last week. We had 21 students attend from JDS. There were about 500 students overall from the Mid-Atlantic Region, including all JSA chapters in the DMV, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Matthew Wieseltier and Sam Fingerhut were recognized as two of the top fundraisers for JSA in terms of raising money for scholarships for students who cannot afford to attend conventions. Additionally, Sam Fingerhut was elected as the South Atlantic Executive. Becca Weiss received a gavel in recognition of her service as the South Atlantic Executive this year. Finally, we won five best speaker awards for the following students:

  • Jacob Sher for a debate on whether to ban homework;
  • Alex Landy for a debate on whether universal healthcare is a feasible program for the United States;
  • Elliot Sher for a debate on whether the ability to declare a national emergency is a crucial power of the presidency;
  • Matthew Wieseltier for a talk on whether it is acceptable to support the Women's March given its ties to anti-Semitism; and
  • Oren Minsk for a debate on whether Jesus of Nazareth fulfills the messiah prophecies of the Old Testament.

Congratulations to all!

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